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Reproductive Services
- Breeding soundness exams 
- Mare preparation for breeding
- Artificial Insemination
- Subfertile/Aged mares
- Semen Collection/Shipping 
Neonatal Services/Foal Care
- New foal/wellness exams

- Addressing orthopedic abnormalities

- Preventative health care
Lameness Exams

- Digital Radiology Service

- Digital Ultrasound

- Diagnostic exams

- Interfacing and working with    Farriers to address lameness

Preventative Health

- Vaccination and Deworming programs (emphasis on fecal testing)

- Customized individual needs of horse/farm
General Medicine
- Ophthalmology

- Endocrine Disease

- Nutritional Consultation
- Upper Airway Endoscopy 
- All other Equine Health Needs
Field Surgeries

- Castrations
- Hernia Repair
- Check ligament, DDF Tenotomy
- Eye enucleation
- Laceration Repair
Prepurchase Exams

-Exams tailored to the needs of purchaser and use of the horse

-Performance horse exams

-Reproductive exams


Specialized Services
- Seasonal boarding of Mares for Foaling (limited availability)
- Sales Prepping Yearlings
Emergency Services
*After Hour Emergency Care is available for current clientele.
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